Farve watch part II. How much does he hate the Pack? And will the Vikings fall for the myth of Farve?

5/6/2009 12:10:08 AM
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So the "retired" QB is meeting with the Vikings. I wonder what his excuse will be this time if he comes back

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5/6/2009 12:17:29 AM Report Abuse

apparently his excuse his revenge for taking his playoff team that he helped build and turning it over to Aaron Rodgers. I think that You'll see Favre suit up next year for sure.

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i wonder how this will affect his legacy in Green Bay if he decides to do it. but it's time for him to go away now.

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5/6/2009 1:17:11 AM Report Abuse

this guy really doesn't care too much about his legacy.  this is kind of embarrassing at this point.  but hey, michael jordan did it...

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Didn't exactly work out to well for Michael did it?

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he shouldve just ended his career as a Packer and a well respected one. If he becomes a Viking that would be retarded

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I hope he comes back and is horrible.  He thinks he has a axe to grind with the Packers just because he left, decided to come back, and the Packers had already moved on to Aaron Rogers.  He's now a bum and can't really play anymore and should stay retired.


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There were reports out last week that Favre was in Ashburn... Not even kidding.  Pro Football Talk had it up.

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if he comes back, i garantee that his story will be used as a skit or snl or something, because this is pretty comical. 'Yes, Im finally retired, no im just playing im back, ok now im seriously gonna retire this time, o no wait, im back again, gotcha.'

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5/6/2009 6:44:12 PM Report Abuse

Im sick of Favre.

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In other news:

John Madden in comtemplating coming back...


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hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha omg your soooooooooooooo funny

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5/6/2009 10:23:27 PM Report Abuse

Farve is just a drama queen now.

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5/7/2009 1:33:20 AM Report Abuse

I will take Madden over Farve Chozen

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Y does everyone hat that favre is coming back, damn, Jordan did like a hundred times.  Y can't favre.  No one complained when Jordan did it, so what is the big deal..   I hope favre comes back and has a great year......  I love the guy.

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5/7/2009 1:35:43 PM Report Abuse

Md, we hat ehim coming back for what he did to the Packers.  They manned up and moved on and sen thim off and now his career is dead and he's goin to the Vikings who need a guy like Chad Pennington who can manage a game, not a gunslinger who's using rusty bullets.

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